The reason I blog...

"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and
keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh
your memory of these meaningful, significant things. Some of them may be funny.
Some may be of significance only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly
beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of
special experience."
~Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love this!

Saw it here.

Random bits of info...

So February has been pretty uneventful so far...but i thought I'd share a few things we've been up to...

The Good Report

• Went to the temple with the young women in our ward last weekend and got to talk with the Matron of the Temple…which was kind of cool!

• Took the hubby with me to the fabric store…got some supplies…and made a couple of skirts…easy peasy! (another post to come)

• Watched these movies: Julie & Julia (loved this one!), The Last Song, HS Musical, RED, An Educator, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, 5 Children & It…obviously we’re addicted to Netflix and Redbox and staying up late…well that last one is just me and Clayton! The kid hates to be sleeping if there’s someone awake!

• Went to an un-official Super Bowl party at the in-laws…ate lot’s of yummy food…and loved this commercial!! Hahaha…so funny! It makes me want to lick the kid’s fingers after they eat cheetos or something…but not really! Ew!

• I laughed so hard I cried when I read these the other night...Jimmer's older sister happens to be in our ward and in young women's and my visiting teaching partner...wonder what she thinks about all this??

• Spent a whole day with just Clayton:  We ate some food, went shopping, rode on some was lots of fun!  He enjoyed telling everyone he was on a date with Mom...wish he would stay little forever! 
(taken on my phone)

• Finally made the trip to the social security office and the DMV to change my name

• Did some shopping with the little guy…bought 2 pairs of F21 jeans…seriously cute jeans for $10.50…what’s not to love?

• Here's some random things i've been loving on lately:  Mindy Gledhill, Joy Williams, Creating Better Habits, The Daybook, StephModo, Pacing the Panic Room, VandCo.

The Not-So Good Report

• On my way home from the DMV I realized they misspelled my middle name...apparently after all the verification they ask for they decided my middle name should be Iane instead of Diane! Awesome! Hopefully the customer service lady got it changed and it comes in the mail correctly!

• We’ve all been hit by some sort of sickness this last week...hopefully we all get better soon! I’m breaking out the Lysol tonight!

• Also, how do you guys get your little ones to clean their rooms? We had a major fight with Aspen this past weekend. I have over the last few months tried and tried and tried to explain to her over and over again that it's a privilege to have as many toys as she has...and with that privilege comes responsibility to take care of them and keep them picked up...and if she chooses not to then they'll get taken away. So she'd get a few toys taken away here and there after nagging for hours to clean her room...but I finally got fed up with it...because she didn't seem to I bagged up EVERY single toy in her room last weekend. So now all that's left is her bed, her clothes, and her desk. And now she has to earn her toys back one by one. Am I totally the meanest mom?? I feel like it...but honestly I don't think she misses the mess in her room or all of the toys...I know I don't! Maybe it's my own fault for spoiling her so much...and it was too much for her to handle?? The thing that gets me is that Clayton can do it...why can't she? I plan to do a major purge this weekend...and hopefully it will eliminate the problem of it being "too hard" for her to clean up. When did my sweet little girl turn into such a drama queen?!!

Well that's it for now...have a good rest of the week and I’ll catch up with you later!

All the love in the universe~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Being happy...

I 100% agree with this.

All the love~ 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January's Good Report:

So I had planned at the beginning of the year to do at least a weekly update on things we had done/accomplished during the week...  I also planned to call it "the good report".  Well it didn't happen at all this month.  I don't really know why...other than I forgot to do it every sunday...and when Monday rolled around I felt like it was too late.  So instead of just missing out on documenting the month of January...I thought I'd just do one big post today...and then I'll work really hard to remember to do them weekly from here on out!  So here's the good report of the interesting (or not so interesting to you) things we did this month: 
  1. I had 2 days off for New Years...too bad i don't remember what we did on either day! 
  2. We celebrated the births of my sisters Melissa (25) and Shalom (20) , and also my dad (51)! 
  3. Went to a dinner for Jeremy's work with all the Seminary student teachers...had really yummy food (cafe rio) and had a really great lesson on "raising your sights".  I left feeling inspired to be a better teacher/leader and help the young women in my ward understand that temple marriages and missions are not really that far away.  I remember being that age and thinking that it was though...which is where the need to raise their sights comes in.  I love going to these classes...they mainly focus on teaching seminary...but I can always apply them to being a better parent and young women's leader
  4. Woke up at 4 am so that we could go to the "pretty temple" early.  
  5. Updated my photography blog
  6. Went on a hot date and saw The Green Hornet...which I though was really funny!
  7. Finally finished taking down my Christmas decor
  8. Cleaned up the basement and sort of turned it into a play/tv room for the kids
  9. Kiddo's had sleepovers at gma and gpa Marsh's and Aunti Mo-Mo and Uncle Poot's
  10. Had another day off for Martin Luther King which I spent the day taking pictures of these cute kids
  11. Aspen lost her 2nd tooth...and looks really adorable!
  12. Curlers + missing teeth = cutest little girl ever!! 
  13. Spent a whole saturday making up, practicing, and putting on a roadshow (more pictures to come).  Despite how much i wasn't looking forward to was actually really fun and a great time to spend with the youth in our ward.  
  14. We spent an evening with a General Authority last friday night at the was for Jeremy's job teaching seminary...we were fortunate enough to hear from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  I have a thing for prophets and apostles...I just think they are sooo cute...especially when they talk about their wives!  If you have never listened to this's one of my favorites...and you should! 
  15. I bought Valentine's stuff for the kids...and for them to take to their friends
  16. I officially stopped drinking soda this month...which I thought would be harder to kick...but hasn't been too bad!
  17. I worked on my PP and set goals to complete a few projects...I also have a really cool idea for one of my 10 hour projects that i'll share with you guys later...cause I'm gonna need some of your help!
  18. Read this fantastic book called Mary, Martha, and Me...and was humbled to realize I need to be more like Mary and choose the better part. 
That's all I can think of now...hope you guys had a wonderful January...and here's hoping February will be just as great...and maybe warmer too!   

All the love in the universe~

Aspen moments...

So, yesterday I had one of those "mother of the year" moments.  You know those moments when you feel like the worst mom ever...and you should definitely be nominated for "mother of the year"!!  I still can't believe it...I forgot Aspen at school!  My little 1st grader!!  You see...normally Joey picks her up after school, but I forgot that he was still in Washington for his grandma's funeral, and I totally spaced arranging someone else to pick her up.  You can imagine how I felt when I saw the schools phone number pop up on my phone while I was at work!  I felt terrible!!  Luckily Jeremy was close and able to pick her up.  Did you ever get left somewhere when you were little?  I remember not getting picked up right away from dance class...and it was terrifying for me.  Aspen was a trooper though...she went back inside found a teacher and had them help her call me.  She called me as soon as she was with Jeremy and said, "Mom, you forgot me!!!"  I wanted to cry...but she told me of course she didn't hate me and that I was forgiven.  I still feel bad about it though.  

Anyways...I also wanted to share this story about Aspen from the other night...but I couldn't have put it better than the way Jeremy here's the story in Jeremy's words...

Let me tell you a story about Aspen and how wonderful she is!
The kids wanted to watch a movie last night so we started watching America's funniest animals. The kids loved it but it wasn't helping to calm them down, instead they were wrestling with me and climbing on my neck and laughing hysterically all while I was trying to prepare a lesson. Leslie was exhausted from taking care of everything on Sunday, so she was lying down in our room.
So I decided to put on a more serious movie, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (Part 1 for the non-geeks) in the hopes it would calm them down and put them to sleep. Well as the movie came on Aspen, who I forget can now read, saw that the movie was PG-13 and immediately asked, "Why are we watching a PG-13 movie?, PG-13 movies are bad!" I responded "PG-13 stands for 'Parental Guidance for children under 13', and since you and Clayton are under 13 and I am an adult we can watch this movie."
After some more convincing she relented; but left a couple of minutes into the movie. She came back and said to me "Jeremy we shouldn't be watching this, I don't feel good when I watch this movie." I quickly asked "Why don't you feel good?
And this is where Joseph Smith's quote about pure intelligence flowing in you comes to mind. She responded in her sweet loving voice that it almost makes me cry, "I don't feel the Holy Ghost when we watch this." I was floored! Aspen is a wonderful little 6 year old girl who has been difficult as of late. Yet she was able to teach me such a great lesson! I am amazed that a girl of 6 years can FEEL that something wasn't right, recognize it and finally say it with such conviction!

Just wanted to tell you all this story to boast about my wonderful little girl!
Isn't she just adorable?  And isn't it cute the way Jeremy just loves her like his own?  I'm super blessed to have such wonderful kids and a wonderful husband who both teach me so much! 
Here's some cute pics of my favorite little girl taken last summer...

I don't think I ever posted all of maybe I'll do a separate post on them soon! They were taken by the talented Joanna Taylor. 

All the love in the universe~