The reason I blog...

"You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and
keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh
your memory of these meaningful, significant things. Some of them may be funny.
Some may be of significance only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly
beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of
special experience."
~Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, March 23, 2009

Twilight DVD Midnight Release Party

All of us Twihards...Melanee, Tara, Courtney, Carlie, Megan, Me and Amber

Last Friday night I spent 4 hours (10pm-2am) at the Walmart in Riverton waiting to meet Rachelle Lefevre who plays Victoria in Twilight! I wasn't planning on going to the midnight release until word got out that a cast member would be making an appearance... and me being the Twihard that I am...I couldn't possibly stay at home knowing that it might be Edward (aka Robert Pattinson) just 20 minutes away!

So I arranged a sleepover for my kids since Joey was working late (Thanks again Kimberly!) and after our book club, my sister-in-law, Amber, and my friend Melanee met some fellow Twihard friends Tara and her sisters; Megan, Carlie and Courtney at about 10 pm! Megan secretly snuck in on the side with the Walmart Associates/Family by agreeing she was with Scott (the manager of the store). Carlie and Courtney were waiting in a huge line...and Tara was in the middle of the mosh pit!! So the three of us decided to join Tara and waited for the cast member to show...we tried hard to get it out of the employees standing guard over the Twilight merchandise who was coming...but they were sworn to secrecy or something!

As we were waiting I almost got beat up by some massive lady who thought it was her God given right to push her way to the front!! She didn't like it when I told her to stop pressing herself up against me...needless to say, I moved out of her way and we watched as she eased her way towards the front!

Anyhow, Rachelle Lefevre who plays a sadistic vampire in the movie finally came out! She was so nice and so pretty! Although I was initially a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to grope one of my Freebie 5 (click on the link if you don't know what that is)...I was happy that it was Victoria!!Tara left the mosh pit to find her sisters in line, while Melanee, Amber and I made our way over to Megan. We got stopped by an employee who said we weren't allowed to be up there... so I tried my best to make something up and say that we were there with Megan, who knew Scott! So the guy calls Scott over and I thought for sure we were all gonna get sent to the back of the mosh pit again when Scott was like, "Yeah they're okay, they can stay!" He was awesome!! It was hilarious!!
This is Scott...the guy who made it all happen!
So we spent the rest of the night watching Rachelle sign autographs, talking to the deputy's guarding the place, talking with Scott, getting our stuff signed and meeting other Twilight Moms including Lisa, who started! We had lots of fun!

Twilight Moms...Lisa is the lady on the left!
Deputy Reyes...aka...Charlie! He wouldn't let us get away with anything!!
Rachelle was only supposed to sign autographs for the first 200 people or for about an hour, but she was so awesome and said she would sign everyone in line or until Walmart kicked her out! So at about 1:30 we were one of the last few to hop in line to meet her! I know I said it before but she was genuinely such a nice person and so so pretty!! A true class act!! I think I'm officially Team Victoria!!Notice how there is nobody left in the store!! This was close to 2 am...she was coming around to shake our hands and say good-bye!We had such a fun time...and it was totally worth having a sore back and feet after the 4 hours of standing and hanging out late with the girls!!

Here's a video from our night!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have lot's of things to blog...especially about our fun night last night at the Walmart in Riverton partying hard at the Twilight release party! But right now...I'm still extremely tired from being up until 4 am and I am starting to feel sick! So I'm going to bed...and I'm hoping tomorrow I will feel better and rested!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tammy's Diner

There is this cute new Diner by our house called "Tammy's Diner" that is our new favorite eat-out spot! They have the yummiest breakfast...and you will not find better service anywhere!! (It's on 5400 S. and right by I-215...if your ever in the area!) Just be prepared if you go on a may have to fight your way to a can get busy in the mornings!! Anyways, we go there with Joey's parents more than we should! Here are some funny pictures from last Saturday after Aspen's skating classes when we went with his family and Aunt & Uncle that were passing through town!

Auntie Stepho teaching the kids bad habits!!
Daddy not doing much better...
Teaching Clayton...
Look! I'm doing it!!
Aspen and Auntie! She was too embarrassed to do it!
It was funny because we looked over and the little boy in the booth behind us was secretly trying to hang the spoon on his nose...way to go guys!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New ideas for Visiting Teaching!?!

Well, since I started talking Twilight/New Moon...I thought you all might enjoy this one too...

If we used this technique maybe our visiting teaching would be easier to do! Check out the other cartoons they have on their website...they are all pretty amusing!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Moon

Okay, so this was WAY too good not to post on the blog!! This is for all my Twilight crazed friends...
Thanks to my friend Melanee...this seriously just made my day!!
Okay, now I can go back to work...and stop daydreaming of Edward Cullen!

Friday, March 6, 2009


So it's been a while (again) since I've updated anything! February was a very busy and sorta crappy month for us! I just haven't really been in the mood for blogging lately! But here is an update on some things we've been up to...

Aspen completed her fist level ice skating class! We are so proud of her! We signed her up for the next session and also for the Spring Ice Show! She's really excited about it! Practices start on March 18th and the show is in April (I forget the date?). But I'm sure I'll post more about that later! We are supposed to pre-register for Kindergarten this month!!! And I have no idea what we are going to do! Do I bus her to Oquirrh Hills or have her go to the elementary that is in her Day Care's boundaries. I'm freaking out! Joey and I both work full time...and I work clear up at the U. So I have no idea what we are gonna do about the whole 1/2 day I choose AM or PM...who's gonna pick her up...should I work just part time...should i stay at home??? So many things to figure out! Can't she just stay little? Who needs school? I'm trying to stay positive...but does anyone have any suggestions?

Our little Clayton is so much fun these days! He's starting to potty train...which has been fun...and interesting! He's been doing pretty well...but still has a ways to go! He will not use a little potty...which i actually don't mind! He wants to sit on the big potty...and he loves wearing his big boy undies (or panties...i got so used to saying it with Aspen, it's hard to break the habit!)!! He is talking so much now...and you can usually understand what he's saying! He absolutely loves motorcycles, trains, trucks, spider man, batman, and McQueen! He's getting so's exciting but a little sad too cause he's no longer my baby!

Joey got a second job at Acord Ice Center...not sure if I've already mentioned that? But he got hired as a supervisor and will start working once a week. The nice thing is that we no longer have to pay for Aspen to take skating lessons, and both the kids think it's pretty cool that Dad now drives a Zamboni! Joey's excited because he'll get to play hockey more often...which could be a good or a bad thing I guess! He just finished up a semester of school, and he also is playing roller hockey again.

Speaking of roller hockey...I finally went to one of his games a two weeks ago and as luck would have it...someone decided it would be a good idea to steal our Honda! That was AWESOME...
especially since we just paid loads of $ to get it fixed! I still can't figure out who would steal a car with two car seats in the back...ooh and a tape player!! While Joey was in looking at the security tapes with the police (which didn't show anything by the way!) Aspen asks me, "Mom what are we going to do?" So I say back to her, "Well, maybe we should say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help us" she replies back to me, "why? Jesus isn't here...he's in heaven!" So I tell her, "Well, Jesus is always here for us and if we need help with something, all we have to do is ask." So she says okay and we said a prayer. The next day my Dad watched the kids and this is what she told her Grampa..."Someone stole our car, but it's okay cause Jesus' trying to find it with his special powers!" She's so cute!

Well they did end up finding our car a few days later in Bountiful...and they stole the two car seats, my $200 double stroller, and yep...they tried to pull out the tape player/radio!! And they left a duffel bag with the tools they used to break into the car...they also took the license plates off and replaced them with Low Book Sales covers!! That was so nice of them! Thank goodness we had full coverage...and hopefully we'll be able to get everything back/fixed!

So I've been in a pretty grumpy mood lately to say the least! But I'm hoping to put February behind us...and hoping that March will be better! A few things I'm looking forward to are: going to Ephraim and seeing some of my old Badgerette friends and advisor, Kathleen! The new Blue October album comes out this month...and even better their concert on the 31st at The Depot!! Sooo excited for that!! And more importantly...moments like these...

Just chillin' with Dad!

Also, I came across this blog called "The Meanest Mom" and it seriously made me laugh so hard...something that was much needed! I sat up reading so many of her posts...and was just laughing to myself!! All you Mom's need to check it's hilarious! Look at the Reader's Favorites...just make sure you go to the bathroom first!!

Sorry...that was kind of a long one!